Re-Evolution, what? Re-evolution is said to have occurred when a living entity or certain attribute of a living entity that had been present vanished and comes back naturally into existence again, have you ever wondered how lizards regenerate their tails? According to science, the cells start regenerating and dividing in the muscles, cartilage, spinal cord and skin through the tail.1 According to Yoga, is the power of Prana –Life force- you may know it as chi or qi.
Breathing practices are the most effective way to channel that life force into all parts of the body and mind, is that powerful that we bring seven times more oxygen to our cells and this way they are able to reproduce, to heal, to regenerate.
In this sense, Re-evolution is when we become aware of our true nature and start thinking and living with a new perspective and new Life Force.

Breathing exercises - Pranayama - are a free gift that the ancient Yoga studies and our bodies offers to us, learning how to identify the rhythm of our breath and how to manipulate it in our favor is like discovering a new super power!

When I recognized the power within my self to slow down my heart and mind, I realize the impact that breathing consciously can have in my own personal development and overall health.

Knowing that we can consciously activate the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress & anxiety and to change from “fight or flight” to "rest-and-digest" is a magical tool.

 Since then I became intrigued in the power of the breath and discover the endless amount of health benefits that breathing properly can bring into our lives, so I decided to share this knowledge in every single yoga practice I share!