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How I Manifested a Conscious Relationship: A Whole Foods Love Story

June 04, 20247 min read

Manifestation is the process of bringing something from the realm of All Possibilities into Matter, tangible reality.

It might seem that the concept of manifestation is a new age trending topic these days. However, the Power of Manifestation has roots in various historical spiritual, and philosophical traditions. While the specific terminology and practices may vary, the underlying idea of consciously bringing something into reality through focused intention and belief has been present across cultures and civilizations.

I won’t go into history in this post, however one that I am particularly fond of is how Indian ancient scriptures, such as the Vedas and Upanishads, discuss the power of thoughts and intentions in shaping one’s destiny and the importance of aligning actions with desires.

One crucial aspect often overlooked in “New Age” discussions about manifestation is the emphasis on merely feeling it, believing it, and visualizing it as if that alone will make it happen. We are left wondering why our manifestations are not materializing.

The reason is simple: we are not taking action. We need to go inward, identify what is blocking our desires from becoming reality, and then take aligned action.

A bit of my story…

During the pandemic, my 10-year-long relationship came to an end. Upon many things, I would say it was a stable-ish relationship, but deep down, I knew it was not aligned with my highest purpose and what I wanted in life.

When it ended, I made a promise to myself: I would embrace being fully single and consciously channel my sexual energy inward, meaning no dating and practicing intentional celibacy for at least a year.

The truth is that I needed to reconnect with myself. It’s normal that after 10 years, one tends to fuse personalities, likes, dislikes, and even dreams with the other person. I was turning 30 and ready to get to know myself once again.

During this time, I was finishing my counselling schooling and was already diving deep into my inner healing and self-discovery. I had lots of tools, not only to grieve but also to explore my inner realms. Right away, I started exploring my values and the belief systems that were preventing me from being in a truly fulfilling romantic relationship. At the same time, I began making a list of the qualities I wanted in a partner.

You can imagine that, at first, the list was based on everything that I lacked in my previous relationship. But as time passed, it became more about what I truly desired. In that list, I also wrote qualities that I loved in my friendships or admired in others. As I went through it, I realized that if I wanted a person with these characteristics, I needed to become that person! We cannot ask for what we are not willing to become — at least be willing!

For example, if I wanted a disciplined partner, I needed to become disciplined myself, or at least explore that behavior!

A year passed by quickly, and honestly, I wasn’t ready yet for someone. I was enjoying being on my own a LOT — which is one of the secrets to manifesting a conscious lover. A few months later, I started to feel ready to explore, which is when the second secret comes in: BE OPEN. By this, I mean energetically open — walking on the streets with open body language, not stuck in my phone or wearing headphones, and making eye contact with others.

Oh, by the way, by this time, my Vision of Love — aka manifestation list, aka list of things I wanted in a partner — was three pages long.

According to my personal values, joining dating apps was not an option for me. I have many opinions about it, but mainly I believe they have ruined many human interactions and dating experiences. I know they work for some people, but they are simply not aligned with me.

Two years passed, and still no one — my love was not appearing in front of me as I had envisioned. One Saturday morning, I was chatting with a friend on the phone, telling him about all the things I was doing to manifest this love, and it was not there yet. Doubt was creeping in that morning.

Am I asking for too much? Should I lower my expectations? Should I date people who are not necessarily my style?

He said NO! and proceeded to check my Human Design, telling me that I am a Specific Manifestor, so I needed to be EVEN MORE specific!

In that moment, I realized that my list hadn’t included more material things, such as age, looks, financial stability, etc. So I hung up, jumped into the shower, and started thinking of everything I wanted in detail. Mainly, that no matter what, this person needed to have a spiritual path, since that involves all areas of my life. That was non-negotiable for me.

Coming out of the shower, I had a RANDOM thought: Maybe I should get a snake tattoo on my left arm.

I had to go to Whole Foods to get some snacks before meeting with friends later. On my way there, I kept thinking about my non-negotiable value: spirituality.

While walking in the store, I saw a cute guy for a second and thought to myself, “Cute!” He did not see me then. But two minutes later, he appeared in front of me, complimented my outfit, and asked about the meaning of my tattoo.

I said, “It means ‘I am you, and you are me.’ It’s from Mayan philosophy.”

He seemed intrigued, commented on it and proceeded to ask, “What are you into?”

This was my opportunity to filter him! “Spirituality,” I said.

He replied, “Oh, I am into it too.”

“I can see by your snake tattoo!” I said, noticing the tattoo on his left arm. (the snake is surrounded by Sacred Geometry)

“What about spirituality?” he continued.

I said, “Oh, that is not a short answer…”

Then, of course, he said, “Well, what about you give me your phone number, we go for a tea, and you can tell me more!”

When he opened his phone, he had a picture of Sadhguru on his cover. So yeah, there was no way he was making that up!

For the next couple of weeks, there were so many synchronicities and clear signs that he was the person I manifested, down to the detail!

How to manifest a relationship

Almost two years later, we are together, happy and in love. As he always says, “I can’t believe I met a complete stranger in a store with whom I share so many things in common.”

After these past two years and knowing that all the work and growth I did personally and magically, brought the person my heart desired into existence, I can honestly say how EASY this relationship is!

Sure, we are not perfect, but after trying and trying for 10 years in a relationship to make it work, being in a relationship where we are deeply aligned with our wants and needs, and it simply flows, is so beautiful!

I want everyone to be able to experience this kind of love.

That’s why I created a Therapeutic Workbook that contains all the exact steps and work I did to manifest my Conscious Relationship, called Grounded Love. It is a mix of therapeutic tools and magic!

I can’t guarantee you’ll manifest your ideal partner in 24 hours. However, I can guarantee that if you give yourself permission and dedicate the space to do this work with commitment, I’ll be delighted to welcome you to the other side where the possibility of finding a partner who mirrors YOU truly exists. I can attest to this from my own experience.

If it happened to me, why wouldn’t it happen to you?


f you are ready to come into union with your love, you can find my workbook here.

Oh by the way, is also available in Spanish!

Manifest a Conscious Relationship

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