Boob Tee

Boob Tee


10% off the sales will be donated to Parteras Fronterizas !

What ‘Parteras Fronterizas’ Does?

Currently, they provide volunteer midwifery services for pregnant women in the Tijuana border, offering comprehensive and respectable maternity care regardless of social economic or legal status. Providing all migrants a clean and beautiful space to have their prenatal consultations. All care is cost free for migrants.

Read more about Tema and Parteras Fronterizas!

What made us want to support them? This Magamama podcast!  EP9: Tema Mercado on Midwifery, Xicana Cultural Legacies of Birth, and Postpartum Care.


White tee with minimalist uneven boob design and quote on the left corner: I feel you. I see you. I hear you. I love you.


Fitted and perfect mid-glute length.


Bust: 18 ¼”

Length: 24 ¾ “


Bust: 19 ¼”

Length: 25 ½”


Bust: 20 ½”

Length: 26 ¼”

Ethical Closet

100% Organic cotton. This Earth Positive T-shirt was manufactured ethically in India solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power. Member of the Fair Wear Foundation. Printed with the highest quality, lowest-impact, water-based screen printing inks.

Save the climate, wash cool, line dry

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